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Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Black Finishing Foam
> Available in 150mm & 200mm > Black foam pad for finishing step> Foam cell designed to prevent heat> Includes hook velcro > Robust and rugged constructionSize Code150mm GMF601200mm GMF801 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Farecla Backing Plate (150mm)
> Available in 150mm & 200mm > Designed for the Yellow compounding pad > Elastic interface ensures durability & flexibility > Hook attachment system > Standard 14mm thread connector   Product Code 150mm BPI601 ... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Advanced G-mop Wool Pad
> 200mm wool pad> With hook attachment system> Maximum performance & cut> High quality heavy duty dense weave> Red line in woven fibres wovenProduct Code 200mm GMW801 more info
Farecla   Sandpaper
Tungsten De-nib Blocks
>Tungsten block for de-nib and blemish removal (double sided) >Side 1 is a magnetically held tungsten plate>Side 2 is 38 mm hook pad for soft sanding before compoundingProduct CodeDe-Nib Block ABDNB1 more info
Farecla   Sandpaper
Double Sided De-nib Blocks
>Double Sided De-nib Block>For use with Farecla de-nib roses>Detachable 35mm interface pad >Produce a consistent scratch/scuff pattern Product Size & Code De-Nib Block 35mm CHFA02DNB P2000 CHFA02DND more info
Farecla   Sandpaper
Abrasive Discs
>Fine abrasive film disc>Ideal for large blemishes before compounding>Suitable for use on all paintwork>Consistent scratch pattern>Can be used wet or dry Product Size & Code P1200 77mm CHFA02DN12P1500 77mm CHFA02DN15 P2000 77mm CHFA02DN20P2000 38mm... more info
Lord Fusor   Fusor    Plastic    Repair
100 Ez / 101 Ez Plastic Panel Repair Adhesive (heat Set)
>One product for all rigid plastic components.>Easily sands to a feather edge to provide undetectable repairs.>No bull`s eyes, read throughs or halos.>Requires a 1:1 plunger.Product Size Code 100EZ 300ml CHF08100EZ 101EZ 50ml CHF08101EZ more info
Lord Fusor   Fusor    Plastic    Repair
T21 Smc Repair Adhesive (slow)
>Bonds and cosmetically repairs plastics, SMC and fiberglass to itself and primed metals. >One product bonds and finishes all plastic panels. >Great for heavy-duty truck repair. >Incredible strength. Product    &... more info
Lord Fusor   Fusor    Plastic    Repair
114lg Plastic Finishing Adhesive (fast)
>Finishing adhesive for all plastics including PP, Fibreglass, Metton, Telene, SMC, TEO and Urethane. >No plastic identification is required. >No adhesion promoters needed. >Sands to a perfect feather edge in 15 minutes or less. &nb... more info
Lord Fusor   Fusor    Plastic    Repair
127ez Plastic Bonding Adhesive (slow)
High-strength structural adhesive.Provides enough work time for bonding large body panels.Easy to gun, non-sag formula.Part Size Code127EZ 300ml CHF08127EZ more info
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