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High Solids Clear Coat Compounding System

Advanced G6 Rapid System


The Advanced G6 Rapid System has been developed to meet industry demands for shorter cycle times and a superior finish that can be used with all modern fresh and cured automotive refinish products. It is specifically designed for use on high solid clear coats.

Self lubricating, dry use, clean and very fast, Advanced G6 Rapid achieves the highest gloss in the shortest time. It has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Advanced G6 Rapid Compounding Foam 150mm and the Advanced G6 Rapid Back Up Pad for optimum results.

The open cell structure of the Advanced G6 Rapid Compounding Foam allows the Advanced G6 Rapid Compound to lubricate itself without the need for water and is designed to keep the surface cool whilst achieving maximum cutting efficiency. The unique soft foam interface on the Advanced G6 Rapid Back Up Pad allows the foam to be manipulated over curved surfaces, spreading the load evenly.

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